FESTIVALS: Abel Ferrara Masterclass at Cyprus Film Days


    NICOSIA: Abel Ferrara will hold a masterclass as part of the industry programme of the 16th Cyprus Film Days festival, which opens on 19 April 2018, running through 28 April.

    Ferrara, who began making films on Super 8 while still a teenager in New York, will give his presentation on 25 April. Ferrara is also serving as president of the festival’s international jury.

    Cinematographer/writer/director Steven Bernstein will give a masterclass following the screening of his film Dominion on 26 April.

    The industry programme also includes a seminar on “Colour Managed Workflow”, the standard for major film and TV productions, presented by Dado Valentic on 21 April. The Mediterranean Film Institute is presenting a lecture on characters and plot in the conceptual and scriptwriting stage, given by Greek filmmaker and teacher Dimitris Yiatzouzakis.