Czech Film Fund Announces Short Term Plan


    PRAGUE: The State Cinematography Fund  announced its short term plan for 2016. The total funding will reach 13 m EUR / 350 m CZK in 2016, compared to 8 m EUR / 220 m in 2015. The increase is due to recent additional allocations from the state budget.

    The biggest part of the budget, 8.7 m EUR / 235 m CZK, is allotted for the support of the Czech film production of all genres. Minority coproductions will have two calls and will be supported with 1. 5m EUR, film development  will receive 1.4 m  EUR and distribution 776,000 EUR. The amount of 370,000 EUR  / 10 m CZK will go to the digitalisation of the remaining cinemas.

    The short term policy plan contains the list of 35 calls which will be announced throughout 2016, and also the deadlines.

    The funding is granted for projects in ten areas: development, production, distribution, promotion, technological development, publications, education and training, festivals and events, protection, preservation and access to film heritage.