FNE at East Doc Platform 2017: Project Pitching Awards


    PRAGUE: The 6th annual East Doc Platform (6-12 March 2017) awarded its top prize, the East Doc Platform Award for project development, to the Russian doc project The Provincial Town of E ! ! ! to be directed by Dmitry Bogolubov.

    The human rights drama about a small town in Russia which still clings to ideas about its heroic Soviet past is to be produced by Ethnofund of Russia. It received a cash prize of 7500 EUR and it also won the Current Time TV Award and DOK Preview Award.

    The East Doc Platform, which is held annually in Prague and organised by the Institute of Documentary Film, is the largest documentary industry event in Central and East European. It is the meeting point for 120 East European filmmakers and producers, who seek creative, financial and distributional support, and more than 100 key international producers, festival programmers, commissioning editors, buyers and other doc industry professionals. It is held in association with the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (6-15 March 2017.) FNE is a media partner of both East Doc Platform and One World.

    In addition to the documentary pitching awards, five transmedia projects were presented during East Doc at Doc Tank an interactive documentary workshop with the award for best transmedia project going to Teslafy.Me (Slovenia, USA, Germany) directed by Janja Glogovac.

    Winners of the East Doc Platform Project Development Awards:

    For full details of the projects click HERE

    East Doc Platform Award
    Provincial Town of E!!! (Russia)
    Director: Dmitry Bogolubov

    Current Time TV Award
    Provincial Town of E!!! (Russia)
    Director: Dmitry Bogolubov

    DOK Preview Award
    Provincial Town of E!!! (Russia)
    Director: Dmitry Bogolubov

    HBO Development Award
    The Earth Masters (Germany, Spain)
    Director: Alba Sororra

    Czech TV Postproduction Award
    Before Father is Back! (Georgia, France, Germany)
    Director: Marine Gulbiani
    Production: Nushi Film

    The Golden Funnel Award
    Satanic Girls: Women on the Move (Czech Republic)
    Director: Bohdan Blahovec
    Production: Nutprodukce

    IDFA Forum Award
    Yours Sincerely, Social System (Slovakia)
    Director: Martin Tokar
    Production: Mirakl

    DOK Leipzig Co-Poduction Meeting
    Bare-Handed (Italy)
    Director: Stefan Obino

    DocsBarcelona Award
    The Smuggler (Latvia)
    Director: Ivars Zviedris
    Production: Documentarist

    Best Transmedia Project

    Teslafy.Me (Slovenia, USA, Germany)

    Director: Janja Glogovac