President Blanik Tops Weekend Attendance in Czech Cinemas

    President Blanik by Marek Najbrt President Blanik by Marek Najbrt

    PRAGUE: The Czech satirical film President Blanik / Prezident Blaník directed by Marek Najbrt topped the weekend admissions chart with 63,630 admissions and 357,718 EUR / almost 9 m CZK gross. The film released by Falcon on 1 February 2018 was shot during the presidential campaign in the Czech Republic and many scenes are from real presidential debates.

    The film about a fictitious lobbyist running for president is based on the popular political satirical series Blanik Office aired on Stream.cz.

    The film was coproduced with a budget of 733,000EUR / 18.5 m CZK by Negativ, the Czech Television and the Seznam.cz Internet portal. It was supported by the Czech Film Fund and approximately 79,000 EUR / 2 m CZK were raised through a crowdfunding campaign.