FNE at Zlin IFF: Michal Hogenauer in Postproduction with Certain Kind of Silence

    Director Michal Hogenauer on the set of Certain Kind Of Silence Director Michal Hogenauer on the set of Certain Kind Of Silence photo: Negativ Film Production

    ZLIN: Certain Kind of Silence, a coproduction between the Czech Republic, Latvia and The Netherlands, is being readied for a summer 2018 release.

    The central character in Certain Kind Of Silence (previously titled Outside) is a young au pair, who meets a radical family community while working abroad and gets lost in a new world presented to her. The cast includes Eliška Krenková, Monic Hendrickx, Roeland Fernhoutand and Jacob Jutte.

    The film is a feature debut for Hogenauer. Gregg Tellusa is the DoP. Certain Kind Of Silence has been developed with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Development since 2013 and was presented at the 2016 Berlinale Co-Production Meetings. The project received a production grant from Eurimages in 2017. The project also received support from the Czech Film Fund, the Netherlands Film Fund, the National Film Centre of Latvia, the Riga Film Fund and HBO Europe.

    "It is a Czech majority production. The main producer is Petr Oukropec from Negativ Film Productions. It is quite an unconventional coproduction for the Czech environment, because it is coproduced by Tasse Film from Latvia and Circe Film from The Netherlands, so it’s a very unusual combination of countries. And it’s a very international film actually. It was shot in English on location in Riga at the end of 2017. The film is in the final stage of postproduction at the moment and I think it will be released nationally and internationally in the following month," said Barbora Ligasová from the Czech Film Center. FNE spoke with her following a special Focus: Czech cinema presentation held during the 58th Zlin IFF.

    Production information:

    Negativ Film Productions
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    Director: Michal Hogenauer
    DoP: Gregg Tellusa
    Producer: Petr Oukropec, Pavel Strnad
    Cast: Eliška Krenková, Monic Hendrickx, Roeland Fernhoutand, Jacob Jutte