PRODUCTION: Czech/Slovak Coproduction Czech Devil Wraps Shooting

    Czech Devil by Vojtěch Mašek Czech Devil by Vojtěch Mašek credit: CinemArt

    PRAGUE: The filming of the Czech/Slovak coproduction Czech Devil / Arvéd concluded in Prague on 14 March 2021. The debut feature by Czech artist Vojtěch Mašek is based on true events and follows "a modern Faust" Dr. Jiří Arvéd Smichovsky, who signed his soul to the Nazi regime. The Czech Film Fund and the Slovak Audiovisual Fund are supporting.

    The personal drama about inner struggle, co-written by Vojtěch Mašek together with Jan Poláček and based on Poláček's novel from 2016, is expected to offer some highly stylised, psychedelic scenes to convey its message.

    The main characters are played by Michal Kern, Saša Rašilov, Martin Pechlát and Jaroslav Plesl.

    The film is produced by Cinémotif Films from the Czech Republic in coproduction with Slovakia's Punkchart Films and the Czech Television.

    The shooting was influenced by the pandemic, as the Czech Republic remains in the state of lockdown. Producer Tomáš Michálek of Cinémotif Films explains: “Even though we followed all the necessary rules, the disease did strike one of the crew members, which forced us to interrupt the shooting. Fortunately, we managed to re-organise the production and finish the film without any artistic compromises; the state of production did not influence the final result.”

    The project has been developed since 2016. The shooting started on 16 February 2021 and wrapped on 14 March 2021.

    The premiere is scheduled for 2022.

    Production Information:

    Cinémotif Films (Czech Republic)
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    Punkchart Films (Slovakia)
    Czech Television (Czech Republic)

    Director: Vojtěch Mašek
    Scriptwriters: Jan Poláček, Vojtěch Mašek
    DoP: Dušan Husár
    Editor: Hedvika Hansalová
    Cast: Michal Kern, Saša Rašilov, Martin Pechlát, Jaroslav Plesl