British/Estonian Debut Feature Firebird Gets North American Distribution

    Firebird by Peeter Rebane Firebird by Peeter Rebane credit: The Factory

    TALLINN: Roadside Attraction has acquired the North American distribution rights to Peeter Rebane’s debut feature Firebird and plans its exclusive theatrical release on 29 April 2022.

    The film shot in Estonia in English is the first feature film by the Harvard graduate Peeter Rebane, who also studied at the University of South-California.

    Rebane wrote the script together with Tom Prier and coproduced the film through The Factory, a company he founded with Adam Brummond, in coproduction with London-based No Reservations Entertainment. The film was supported under the Estonian Film Institute’s Film Estonia cash rebate scheme.

    Firebird depicts a love triangle between two men and a woman in the Soviet Air Force during the Cold War, and it stars Tom Prier, Oleg Zagorodnii and Diana Pozharskaya.