FNE at KVIFF: Winner of Hungarian Film Week Plans New Project

    KARLOVY VARY: The director producer team that made Lost Times which won the main prize at this year's Hungarian Film Week and had its international premier in the East of the West competition in KVIFF this week are already planning their next project together.

    "I can only describe the shooting of Lost Times as a lovefest," said producer Istvan Bodzar who helms Budapest based Unio Film (http://www.uniofilm.hu)/."

    "It was a first film with a half million Euro budget financed by the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation (MMKA http://www.mmka.hu/) and the Hungarian Public Television, And I enjoyed all 23 days of the shooting."

    Bodzar teamed up with director Aron Matyassy when he said him as a student speaking on a TV discussion programme about how it was impossible to for students to get their first films made.

    "Matyassy so sympathetic that I called him and said I would produce his first film," said Bodzar.

    The relationship bloomed during the shooting of Lost Times and now the next still untitled project is already in development and due to start shooting in May 2010 with the same director, scriptwriter and producer.

    "It's about political corruption and I think it's a very brave film," said Bodzar, "It will be another low budget, all