FESTIVALS: Hungarian Film Week Scheduled for May

BUDAPEST: After months of uncertainty the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation (www.mmka.hu) and the Association of Hungarian Filmmakers announced on 1 March that the 42nd Hungarian Film Week will take place…

Hungary Sets Broadband Goal

The Hungarian government laid out a plan for complete broadband coverage for the entire country. Hungary, with broadband access that reaches 80% of internet users, is already ahead of the…

Budget Cuts Endanger Plans for Hungarian Public Televisions to Play Bigger Role in Film Production

BUDAPEST: Plans for the newly restructured public television in Hungary to play a greater role in film and TV drama production have been endangered by government cuts to the new…

The Turin Horse Sells in 23 Countries

Berlinale Grand Prix and FIPRESCI winner Béla Tarr's The Turin Horse sold to 23 countries during the European Film Market. More sales are expected.

Vajna to Deliver New Hungarian Film Strategy in 90 Days

BERLIN: Hungarian born Hollywood producer Andrew G. Vajna announced that he would deliver the new strategy for the future of the Hungarian film industry in just 90 days. It was…

Vajna to Deliver New Hungarian Film Strategy in 90 Days

BERLIN: Hungarian born Hollywood producer Andrew G. Vajna announced that he would deliver the new strategy for the future of the Hungarian film industry in just 90 days. It was…
15-02-2011 m

The Hungarian state-owned film studios to merge

BUDAPEST: The four state-owned film production companies that produced the majority of the Hungarian films before 1989 are about to merge. János Rózsa (head of Objektiv, http://www.objektivfilm.hu), Pál Sándor (head…

Foreign and Film Service Productions on the Rise in Hungary

The 2010 year was the most successful period for foreign film productions and film services in Hungary. Of the 135 million spent on film production in the country, 75% came…

Hungarian Filmmakers Protest Restructuring

Nine Hungarian film directors (Ildikó Enyedi, Benedek Fliegauf, Szabolcs Hajdu, Miklós Jancsó, Ágnes Kocsis, Márta Mészáros, Kornél Mundruczó, György Pálfi and Béla Tarr) published a statement protesting the centralization of…

Hungarian Producers Lodge Appeal Against Cinema City Multiplex Acquisition

BUDAPEST:The MPSz (National Association of Hungarian Producers) has lodged an appeal with the Hungarian competition office (GHV) to investigate whether the acquisition of Hungarian multiplexes by Israeli based Cinema City…

Bibliotheque Pascal Wins Hungarian Critics Award

BUDAPEST: Bibliotheque Pascal, directed by Szabolcs Hajdu, was named best film from 2010 by Hungarian film critics.

Hungary’s CHB Hosts Meeting Point at Berlinale

Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (.CHB, www.hungaricu.de) is presenting its fourth Cinema Total event from 12-15 February 2011 at the Berlin Film Festival.

Art House Cinemas Protest Funding Crisis in Hungary

BUDAPEST: Hungary is facing the closure of as many as half of its art house cinemas in the next year, following the government reduction in funding for film industry activities.…

Vajna Appointed to Top Hungarian Film Post

BUDAPEST: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán named Hungarian-born film producer Andrew G. Vajna as the government commissioner for the film industry starting from 18 January 2011. Vajna will hold the…

Glass Tiger 3 Finds Box Office Success

BUDAPEST: Glass Tiger 3, which opened in Hungarian cinemas in December 2010, sold 227,000 tickets in four weeks. A comedy is about a bunch of friends in the country trying…

FESTIVALS: Hungarian Film Week Considers April Date

BUDAPEST: The 2011 Hungarian Film Week (www.hungarianfilmweek.com) is planned for April in a new scaled down, low-budget version of the event. The HFW has traditionally held at the end of…

FNE 2010 Year in Review: Chaos in Hungary

Almost complete stoppage of Hungarian film production, blocking of all public funding for film production and distribution, the uncertain future (and possible postponement or cancellation) of Hungarian Film Week, total…

Crisis: Hungarian Government Cuts Funding to Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation. HFW Postponed

The Hungarian parliament has decided to dramatically cut funding for the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation (MMK www.mmka.hu) in its 2011 budget. The move has also put the future of the…
08-12-2010 m

Hungary Chooses Media Directors

Hungary's Public Media Foundation has announced the selection of four directors for the country's public media branches.The board of directors named Balazs Medveczky as general dirctor of Hungarian TV (www.mtv.hu)…

Hungarian Film Week Announce Funding Problems

Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (MMK - http://english.mmka.hu/) announced that "it doesn't have the financial possibilities to organize the Hungarian Film Week" due to a hold on all funding…