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PRODUCTION: Andrzej Jakimowski in Postproduction with Once in November Featured

Once in November by Andrzej Jakimowski Once in November by Andrzej Jakimowski

WARSAW: Acclaimed Polish writer/director Andrzej Jakimowski is in postproduction with Once in November / Pewnego razu w listopadzie, a drama inspired by the political climate in Poland. The film will be domestically released by Kino Świat on 3 November 2017.

The film follows a Warsaw mother (Agata Kulesza) and her son (Grzegorz Pałkowski), who are evicted from their apartment. Everything takes place in November 2013, when the city is rocked by huge demonstrations, including by young nationalists.

"I want to show Warsaw without make up, how it really is. The street scenes were shot with an authentic crowd as I wanted images full of brutal realism", Jakimowski told FNE. The film will feature archive footage of street fights shot by the journalist Tomas Rafa.

Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemieślników is producing with a budget of 916,686 EUR / 3.9 m PLN, of which 446,591 EUR / 1.9 m PLN is a production grant from the Polish Film Institute.

Andrzej Jakimowski is one of acknowledged Polish directors, better known to the international audience for his award winning dramas Tricks, Squint Your Eyes and Imagine, all produced by Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemieślników.

Production Information:

Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemieślników
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Director: Andrzej Jakimowski
Screenwriter: Andrzej Jakimowski
DoP: Adam Bajerski
Cast:Agata Kulesza, Grzegorz Palkowski, Edward Hogg, Krzysztof Ławniczak



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