TVP to Produce Nine Documentaries on Polish Independence in 2018

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WARSAW: The Polish public broadcaster TVP finalised a special competition for documentaries celebrating the 100th anniversary of Polish independence and chose 13 projects that will go into production in 2018. Nine documentaries and four feature reports were chosen from among 57 submissions.

The first ones will be aired by TVP Historia. All projects will be produced by regional branches of TVP with a planned total budget of 236,529 EUR / 1 m PLN.

"I believe that they will allow our viewers to know the lesser known and famous examples of bravery, willpower and intelligence of our ancestors like the stories from the Kresy region - the battles for Bobrujsk, Lithuanian Mińsk, Dynaburg or Kowno. We are also interested in heroes fighting with the Prussian occupant in Silesia and Pomerania, as well as the fight between the Polish and the soviet agents just before the war broke out in 1920", TVP Board Member Maciej Stanecki told FNE. 



Forgotten Hero / Zapomniany bohater
Directed by Marcin Tomaszewski
Produced by TVP3 Bydgoszcz

One City / O jedno miasto
Directed by Marcin Tomaszewski
Produced by TVP3 Bydgoszcz

Monument for the Colonel / Pomnik pułkownika
Directed by Katarzyna Pawlina
Produced by TVP3 Łódź

Kazimierz Greger - The Chronicler of Independence / Kazimierz Greger – Kronikarz niepodległości
Directed by Zbysław Kaczmarek
Produced by TVP3 Poznań

From the Steppes of Kubań to Independence / Od stepów Kubania po Niepodległość
Directed by Jerzy Oleszkowicz

The Thirthteeners - Following the Vilnius Cadre / Trzynastacy – szlakiem wileńskiej kadrówki
Directed by Dorota Kosierkiewicz
Produced by TVP3 Kielce

The Mayor of Independence / Burmistrz niepodległości
Directed by Andrzej Sroka
Produced by TVP3 Kraków

The Birth of Polish Wings / Narodziny polskich skrzydeł
Directed by Marek Szczepanek
Produced by TVP3 Kraków

Three Faiths, One Poland - The Pomarański Brothers / Trzy losy, jedna Polska – Bracia Pomarańscy
Directed by Leszek Wiśniewski
Produced by TVP3 Lublin

Feature reports:

The Przemys Eaglets / Przemyskie orlęta
Directed by Agnieszka Niemiec
Produced by TVP3 Kraków

The Morskie Oko Conflict / Spór o Morskie Oko
Directed by Monika Skwirtniańska
Produced by TVP3 Kraków

Jastków 1915 - A Later Word on the Battle / Jastków 1915 – późne słowo o bitwie
Directed by Leszek Wiśniewka
Produced by TVP3 Lublin

Field of History / Pole historii
Directed by Ewa Mamińska and Krzysztof Polakowski
Produced by TVP3 Warszawa