BOX OFFICE: Patryk Vega Again Hits Two Million Admissions in Polish Box Office

Women of Mafia by Patryk Vega Women of Mafia by Patryk Vega

WARSAW: Patryk Vega became the first Polish filmmaker with three films that had over 2 m admissions in Poland. His new crime comedy Women of Mafia was released in Poland by Kino Świat on 22 February 2018. The director plans to shoot a sequel in 2018 and is also working with Showmax on a series based on the film.

Women of Mafia is also a major success in the UK, where it was released by Odeon on 2 March 2018. The film sold 785,543 tickets during the first month and was 6th in the overall British box office top ten for March 2018.
"The number one reason for the film's success in the UK is the major presence of the Polish audience. These viewers crave big Polish productions. But only the biggest box office hits, which bring 2-3 m admissions domestically, have a chance to push through and get wide UK distribution”, Michał Duma from Kino Świat told FNE.

Women of Mafia was produced by the director's company Vega Investments and it was shot in Warsaw by the end of 2017.