FNE at Gdynia Film Festival 2019: All For My Mother

    All For My Mother by Małgorzata Imielska All For My Mother by Małgorzata Imielska photo: R.Palka

    GDYNIA: Małgorzata Imielska’s debut feature All For My Mother screened in the main competition of the 44th Gdynia Film Festival, running from 16 to 21 September 2019.

    All For My Mother follows seventeen-year-old Ola. Boyish moves, hair falling over her big blue eyes all the time. Bitten nails, arms covered in scars from self-mutilation. Because of her regular running away from the orphanage, the court has placed her at a youth detention centre. She’s got no fancy clothes or expensive phone. Unlike other girls, she refuses to provide any sexual services to the caretaker in exchange for cigarettes or small sums of money. The only thing she wants is to get her mother back. The girl is an ardent athlete. She believes that once she starts being successful at sports events, her mother will find her. Because she is so “separate” from the world, she becomes a victim of violence.

    “We could have made this film much more violent, because the reality of girls like Ola is much more violent and dark, than what we’ve shown in the film. Their struggle is often lonely, with no support being offered from any direction”, leading actress Zofia Domalik told FNE.

    The film was shot in 2019, produced by Naima Film in coproduction with TVP, the Mazuria Film Fund, Pomerania Film, the Lower Silesia Film Centre, Coloroffon and Dreamsound. World sales are managed by IKH Pictures Promotion.

    Production Information:

    Naima Film (Poland)

    TVP (Poland)
    Mazuria Film Fund (Poland)
    Pomerania Film (Poland)
    Lower Silesia Film Centre (Poland)
    Coloroffon (Poland)
    Dreamsound (Poland)

    Director: Małgorzata Imielska
    Screenwriter: Małgorzata Imielska
    DoP: Tomasz Naumiuk
    Music: Włodek Pawlik
    Production design: Katarzyna Filimoniuk
    Costume design: Małgorzata Trzaskowska
    Cast: Zofia Domalik, Halina Rasiakówna, Maria Sobocińska, Adam Cywka, Dobromir Dymecki, Jowita Budnik, Malwina Laska, Katarzyna Wajda