Prizes and Distinctions 7th EMIGRA 2019


International jury in the including Bożena Intrator (USA), Dr Małgorzata Przedpełska-Bieniek, Liliana Komorowska (Canada), Krzysztof Magowski, Janusz Dymek, Piotr Latałło (USA), Romuald Mieczkowski (Lithuania)  chose from 42 films from around the world that qualified for The 7 EMIGRA 2019 and assigned Festival Awards 7 prizes and 6 distinctions. The Jury underlined that after 7 years, EMIGRA had achieved its goal and changed the generation of the creators involved in the competition. This year they were mostly young Poles from abroad who were not yet 30 years old, and their films are searching for their identity, which is inherently associated with discovering their Polish roots.

The main Warsaw part of the festival EMIGRA 2019 is already completed, but next planned is the American edition of 7 EMIGRY on 8-10 November in Chicago, as well as the German edition of the festival on 6-8 December in Berlin.

See the full list of winners:


Eclipses, directed by  Oliwia and Jerema TONTERI (Finland)

Golden EMIGRA 2019

I stało się pięknem directed by Sol Janik (Argentina)

Silver EMIGRA for Best Cinematography for Paulina Masternak for Phantom directed by Sebastiana Królak (Poland)       

                                                                                                                                                               Silver EMIGRA for Best Music for Julia GROSZEK for Arabic Secret (Poland)       

Copper EMIGRA  for My Heart Belongs To Poland for Monika Wilczyńska (Poland)            

Copper EMIGRA - Women Power for Martina TREPCZYK for My Womb (Austria)    

Special Award  for Jan Grzyb for  Israel Started In Poland (Poland)

Special Mentions                                                                                                             

Ela KINOWSKA and Piotr SOBIERAJSKI for Red Couch Story (Canada)

Mirosław Rowicki for Pokucka Troja (Ukraine)

Monika MELEŃ for Rock Woman (Poland)             

Mariola WIŚNIOWSKA for Journey (Germany)

Olga WASILEWICZ for Portrait (Belarus)