A new distributor on the Polish film market

On Nov. 7, a new national distributor, the Polish Film Foundation, formally begins operations by introducing to domestic cinemas 40 copies of Twist of Fate (Korowód) by director Jerzy Stuhr.

Poland creates regional film funds

Poland is in the process of creating regional film funds to better support film productions that are thematically connected with the region. By January 2008, there will be six such…

Opening weekend of Katyn attracts 265,000 viewers

Katyń, Andrzej Wajda's long-awaited film about one of the most tragic events in Polish history, attracted 265,000 viewers in its first weekend on Polish screens

Polsat seeks IPO of its satellite TV unit

Polish commercial broadcaster Polsat SA has filed papers with financial regulators to carry out an initial public offering of its satellite TV unit Polsat Cyfrowy that analysts believe could be…

Wajda film Katyn to represent Poland at Academy Awards

Andrzej Wajda's powerful film Katyń will represent Poland at the Academy Awards, according to a special committee of film professionals that chose the film this weekend from 16 candidates.

Tricks captures grand prize at Polish Film Festival

Tricks, Andrzej Jakimowski's bittersweet story of a fatherless boy who attempts to tempt fate in working-class Poland, captured the "Golden Lion" at the 32nd Polish Film Festival which closed this…

Scandinavian Day at Gdynia to highlight cooperation

The artistic director of the 32nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia believes Central Europe filmmakers have much to learn from the close cooperation among the film industries of the Nordic…

More funding means better quality at Gdynia festival

The artistic director of the 32nd Polish Film Festival in Gydnia says this year's screenings by younger directors will be marked by a higher level of quality than in the…

Andrzej Wajda film Katyn inaugurates Polish Film Festival

A special showing of Andrzej Wajda's landmark film Katyń will be screened today as part of the grand opening of the 32nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. Poland's most prestigious…

Polish film Time to Die screened at Toronto fest

The Polish Film Institute, whose mission is to support the country's film industry, is co-financing Time to Die, a tale of an elderly woman's struggle in communist Poland, at the…

PFI-backed films reap seven awards in Venice

Films backed by the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.org) won seven awards at the recent Venice Biennale. Paul Laverty won the Osella prize among the official awards for best screenplay in…

Polish Film Institute celebrates success in Venice

The Polish Film Institute is celebrating in Venice this year with five of the films it backed being selected for screening in the Biennale.
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Wajda film Katyn opens Polish film festival in Gdynia

A screening of Andrzej Wajda's long-awaited film Katyń will be featured at the grand opening of the 32nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

Warsaw film fest to feature four competitive sections

About 150 films from all over the world will be screened at the 23rd Warsaw International Film Festival in October, including the Polish premieres of several films to be unveiled…

Naming of new Agora chief signals move beyond press sector

Polish media company Agora SA (www.agora.pl) has named broadcast executive Marek Sowa as the new president of its management board in a move that signals a shift in focus toward…

Polish, British museums launch joint historical film project

Warsaw's newest museum, the Polish History Museum, has launched a joint project with a London museum to bring the modern history of Poland to the public through the medium of…

Filmgoing trends in Western Europe a sharp contrast to Central Europe

Box office in Western Europe is forecast to increase by 17% over the next five years, according to a new survey by U.K.-based cinema industry analysts Dodona Research that found…

Polsat reports lowered net income due to investments

Commercial Polish television broadcaster Polsat reported net income for the first half of 157.4 million zloty (€40.4 million), down about 10% from the same period in 2006, due to increased…

Four Polish films in main competition at Venice Film Festival

For the first time, Poland will be represented in the main competition at the Venice Film Festival (www.labiennale.org) by four films, all co-produced by the Polish Film Institute. The festival…

Scandinavian Day at Gdynia festival to highlight cooperation

The artistic director of Poland's most important film festival believes Central Europe filmmakers have much to learn from the close cooperation among the film industries of the Nordic countries.