FESTIVALS: Cottbus 30th Anniversary Edition Spotlights Czech Films


    BERLIN: Bernd Buder, programme director of FilmFestival Cottbus, announced that the 30th anniversary edition of the festival will have spotlights on Czech film, the anniversary of German reunification, and Lusatia (the Polish/German border area, home of the Sorbs) as a filming region.

    The festival is scheduled for 3 – 8 November 2020.

    "Whether laconic comedies, international festival hits, national blockbusters or successful TV series - films from Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic have been among the big hits with the audience since FilmFestival Cottbus was founded," Buder said.

    At its presentation in Berlin, Buder also introduced the new programme consultant team of FilmFestival Cottbus, which includes Jana Piontkovska, Katharina Stumm, Joshua Jádi, Marcel Maïga and Nikolaj Nikitin.