CICAE Launches International Campaign #Back To Cinema


    PARIS: The International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas (CICAE), in collaboration with Germany’s #ZurückInsKino, has launched a social media campaign #BackToCinema to bring film exhibitors together during the COVID-19 crisis.

    The action consists of motifs created to be used on Facebook and other social media, containing the phrase Back to Cinema in 12 languages, including Polish, Romanian, and Slovenian.

    The platform is meant to help film exhibitors support each other, share ideas on engaging audiences and promote the perception of cinemas as community hubs.

    Christian Bräuer, president of the CICAE, said that “during times of crisis we rediscover the strength of networks and this project is a perfect example of that. It creates synergies between exhibitors and it also makes it possible for members of the audience to show engagement with their cinemas. At the moment of reopenings across many territories we set a sign that cinemas will grow strong again as their loyal spectators return #backtocinema”.