CEE Cinema Admissions Show Gains in 2019


    STRASBOURG: Data released by the European Audiovisual Observatory shows that the box office rose in most CEE territories, although admissions showed mostly modest gains, and some losses.

    North Macedonia registered the best results, with a 25 percent increase in admissions, from 0.4 m admissions in 2018 rising to 0.5 m admissions in 2019. Montenegro had a 10.2 percent increase in admissions, at 0.3 m admissions, and an increase in box office of 11.4 percent, at 1.2 m EUR. Cyprus registered a double digit growth, with attendance up 11.7 percent, and box office reaching 6.8 m EUR.

    Slovakia also had a strong year, with 6.5 m admissions, an increase of 9.5 percent, and a 12.8 percent increase in box office, to 37.3 m EUR. Latvian attendance was up 7.9 percent, at 2.7 m admissions, and Croatian attendance increased 6.6 percent, to 4.9 m admissions. Bulgaria, Estonia, and Poland showed increases in the range of 1 – 2 percent.

    Slovenia saw attendance drop by 4.9 percent, at 2.4 m admissions. Lithuania and Romania also registered decreases in the 1 – 2 percent range.

    The national market share was surprisingly strong in Estonia (23 percent), Latvia (20.2 percent) Lithuania (19.2 percent), Slovakia (16.5 percent) Cyprus (12.6 percent). Poland held on to 28.2 percent, a decline from the 33.3 percent in 2018.