Estonian and Polish Exhibitors Selected for UNIC Leadership Programme


    BRUSSELS: Valeria Kurohtina from CINAMON (Estonia) and Monika Giełżecka from Multikino (Poland) are among the nine female cinema professionals selected to participate in the fourth edition of the International Union of Cinemas’ (UNIC) Women’s Cinema Leadership Programme.

    The 12-month mentorship programme provides one-to-one career advice and networking opportunities with mentorship from women executives from across the cinema landscape recognised for their leadership and business success. Jadranka Islamovic from Blitz-CineStar (Croatia) is one of the ten mentors.

    UNIC CEO Laura Houlgatte commented in a statement: “While the past few months have been incredibly challenging, the level of interest that we have received serves to highlight just how important empowerment programmes like ours are, even more so during times of uncertainty.”