Eurimages Supports Seven Projects from FNE Partner Countries


    STRASBOURG: The Council of Europe's Eurimages Fund awarded 5,822,000 EUR to 24 film projects at its 162nd meeting ending on 19 March 2021. The list of awarded projects included seven with participation from FNE partner countries.

    Those seven projects include one documentary and one children’s film. The awards ranged in size from 69,000 EUR to 250,000 EUR.

    The projects are:

    Beanie (Slovenia, Luxembourg, Slovak Republic, Croatia)
    Directed by Slobodan Maksimović (Slovenia)
    Produced by Senca Studio (Sloivenia), Wady Films (Luxembourg), Objectif (Slovakia), Studio Dim (Croatia)
    Awarded: 205,000 EUR

    Forever Hold Your Peace (Montenegro, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia)
    Directed by Ivan Marinović
    Produced by Adriatic Western (Montenegro), Analog Vision (Czech Republic), Sense Production (Serbia), Kinorama (Croatia), Krug Film (North Macedonia)
    Awarded: 139,000 EUR

    Kaymak (North Macedonia, Denmark, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Milcho Manchevski
    Produced by Banana Film (North Macedonia), Meta Film Rights (Denmark), Dare Film (Bulgaria)
    Awarded: 180,000 EUR

    Land of Sar (France, North Macedonia, Slovenia)
    Directed by Petra Seliškar
    Produced by Cinephage Productions (France), PPFP Ltd Skopje (North Macedonia), Zavod Petra Pan Film (SIovenia)
    Awarded: 69,000     

    Ordinary Failures (Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy)
    Directed by Cristina Grosan (Hungary)
    Produced by Xova Film (Czech Republic), Laokoon Cinema (Hungary), Rosamont (Italy)
    Awarded: 250,000 EUR

    Sisters (Latvia, Italy)
    Directed by Linda Olte
    Produced by Fenixfilm (Latvia), Albolina Film (Italy)
    Awarded: 79,000 EUR

    The Antique (Georgia, Russia, Croatia)
    Directed by Rusudan Glurjidze
    Produced by Cinetech (Georgia), Viva Films (Russia), Avvantura (Croatia)
    Awarded: 150,000 EUR

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