FNE Copenhagen Initiative: Think Green ! Think FNE !


    FNE, the "paperless" newspaper, will launch two initiatives in 2010 to reduce the consumption of paper at international film festivals and events. FNE already contributes to the environment by delivering the news to nearly 10 000 audiovisual professional subscribers each day electronically.

    Free delivery of "paperless" press releases at international festivals and events.

    Starting in 2010 audiovisual professionals from FNE premium Green Club countries* will be able to have their have their press releases and promotional materials delivered free of charge at Berlin, Cannes, Venice and Toronto Film Festivals.

    The FNE DAILY subscriber's list already delivers news daily to nearly 2000 film journalists around the world and includes most of the film professionals attending these major international events. Every year tonnes of paper are needlessly wasted at these events. Remember your paper promotional materials usually go straight to the trash. Electronic materials get saved in and carried home. Save money by printing, shipping and distributing fewer paper copies.

    Free "paperless" catalogues of participating festivals and events

    Starting in 2010 FNE will partner with festivals and events to offer journalists and audiovisual professionals the opportunity to download electronic festival catalogues and other materials free of charge.

    Most festivals already produce a complete electronic catalogue that can be downloaded as a PDF file and saved on your computer. FNE will partner with festivals and events to offer links to download these catalogues and other materials. FNE hopes that its initiative will encourage more festivals to offer electronic catalogues and print fewer paper copies.

    Remember journalists and overburdened film professionals attending events usually do not carry heavy catalogues home. A "paperless" copy can be kept on their computer and referred to year after year. Professionals who are interested in the event but were unable to attend can also access the materials.

    *FNE Premium Green Club Members. Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia.

    Audiovisual professionals and institutions from non-FNE Green Club countries can distribute their press release and promotional materials via the FNE service for a small fee. Enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.