Romanian Filmmakers Clash over New Cinema Law

    Cristian Mungiu Cristian Mungiu

    BUCHAREST: Romanian filmmakers have clashed over the controversial draft of a new film law that is slated go to the Parliament in autumn 2016.

    A group of 58 filmmakers who object to the proposals for the new law have called on the Romanian prime minister Dacian Cioloș to remove the minister of Culture Corina Șuteu.

    The controversial proposals to change the Romanian cinema law were discussed at a recent debate organised by the Ministry of Culture. The new legislation would modify the old cinema law from 2005.

    Romanian filmmakers Cristian Mungiu and Tudor Giurgiu are part of a group of experts who have been working on the draft of the new law which aims to bring the Romanian film law into line with European legislation.

    “The new law came from the necessity of adapting the old law to the reality of today”, said Cristian Mungiu. He also stressed that the first thing that needs to be fixed was the cinemas. “The cinema network needs to be extended”, said Mungiu. A second important part is the necessity to boost the money available in the Film Fund.

    Earlier a letter was initiated by the director and producer Cristian Comeagă and signed by 58 people, asking the prime minister to remove Șuteu and claiming that she wants to modify the Cinema Law for special interest groups, ignoring the opinion of the film industry. Cristian Comeagă didn’t participate in the debate which was organised by the Ministry of Culture.

    Next, a report incorporating the proposals made at the debate will be published and a final draft will be elaborated and submitted for public consultation before entering the Parliament.