Ivana the Terrible and Legacy Lead Gopo Awards 2021 Nods


    BUCHAREST: Ivana Mladenovic’s sophomore feature Ivana the Terrible and Dorian Boguță’s debut feature Legacy received the most nominations (12 each) at the 15th edition of the Gopo Awards, which will be announced during a gala held in a physical format on 28 June 2021.

    Radu Jude’s Uppercase Print received 10 nominations, Radu Ciorniciuc’s first long documentary Acasă, My Home received seven nominations, the same as Dan Chișu’s drama 5 Minutes Too Late.

    Alexander Nanau’s documentary collective, which was nominated for the Oscars 2021 in two categories, received five nods, including Best Film, but in a letter to the organisers Nanau refused without any explanation to have his film nominated in the Best Long Documentary category.

    For the first time in the history of the Gopo Awards, the nominations jury (composed of 11 film professionals including five film critics) decided to nominate short animated films in a separate category (previously short animated films were taken into consideration in the Best Short Film category.). Also, the jury decided to have a separate category for Best Short Documentary, as a big number of short films as well as valuable documentaries were submitted this year.

    The winners will be decided by approximately 650 active film professionals, whose votes will be counted by PwC România.

    Gopo Awards are organised by Romanian Film Promotion together with Asociația Film si Cultură Urbană (AFCU), with the support of the Romanian Film Centre and Babel Communications.


    Best Film:

    Acasă My Home / Acasă (Romania, Finland, Germany)
    Directed by Radu Ciorniciuc
    Produced by Manifest Film
    Coproduced by HBO Europe, Corso Film, Kino Company
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, the Romanian TelevisionMEDIA – Creative EuropeCinelabBeep Studio

    collective / colectiv (Romania, Luxembourg)
    Produced by Alexander Nanau Production
    Coproduced by Samsa Film, HBO Europe
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, the Luxemburg Film Fund and the Sundance Documentary Fund, and with the contribution of RTS Switzerland, RSI Switzerland, YES Docu and MDR Germany

    Ivana the Terrible / Ivana cea Groaznică (Romania, Serbia)
    Directed by Ivana Mladenović
    Produced by microFILM, Dunav 84
    Coproduced by the Romanian Television, nomada.solo, Verde Stop Arena
    Supported by the Romanian Film CentreFilm Center Serbia

    Uppercase Print / Tipografic majuscul (Romania)
    Directed by Radu Jude
    Produced by microFILM
    Coproduced by the Romanian Television (TVR), Hi Film Productions
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre, the MEDIA Programme in association with nomada.solo

    Best Director:
    Alexander Nanau for collective
    Ivana Mladenovic for Ivana the Terrible
    Radu Ciorniciuc for Acasă My Home
    Radu Jude for Uppercase Print

    Best Leading Actor:

    Igor Babiac for Love 2. America / Dragoste 2. America (Romania)
    Directed by Florin Șerban
    Produced by Fantascope Films, The East Company, Correct Media
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre

    Mihai Călin for 5 Minutes Too Late / 5 minute (Romania)
    Directed by Dan Chișu
    Produced by Domestic Film, DaKINO Production
    Supported by the Romanian Film CentreMEDIA – Creative Europe and Heineken Romania, in partnership with the Romanian Public Television (TVR)

    Șerban Lazarovici for Uppercase Print

    Teodor Corban for Legacy / Urma (Romania)
    Directed by Dorian Boguță
    Produced by produced by Hai-Hui Entertainment
    Coproduced by Mandragora, Actoriedefilm.ro
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre

    Best Leading Actress:
    Diana Cavallioti for 5 Minutes
    Irina Rădulescu for Legacy
    Ivana Mladenovic for Ivana the Terrible

    Best Supporting Actor:
    Dragoș Bucur for Legacy
    Emanuel Pârvu for 5 Minutes
    Lucian Ifrim for Legacy
    Miodrag Mladenovic for Ivana the Terrible

    Best Supporting Actress:
    Ana Radu for 5 Minutes
    Anca Pop for Ivana the Terrible
    Elvira Deatcu for 5 Minutes
    Ioana Iacob for Uppercase Print

    Best Scriptwriter:
    Dorian Boguță and Loredana Novak for Legacy
    Ivana Mladenovic and Adrian Schiop for Ivana the Terrible
    Radu Jude and Gianina Cărbunariu for Uppercase Print

    Best Cinematographer:
    Alexander Nanau for collective
    Barbu Bălășoiu for Legacy
    Carmen Tofeni for Ivana the Terrible
    Oleg Mutu for Love 2. America
    Radu Ciorniciuc and Mircea Topoleanu for Acasă My Home

    Best Editor:
    Alexander Nanau, George Cragg and Dana Bunescu for collective
    Andrei Gorgan for Acasă My Home
    Cătălin Cristuțiu for Uppercase Print
    Patricia Chelaru and Cătălin Cristuțiu for Ivana the Terrible
    Tudor D. Popescu for Legacy

    Best Sound:
    Alexandru Dumitru for Ivana the Terrible
    Andre Rigaut and Michal Fojcik for Love 2. America
    Jean Umansky and Dana Bunescu for Uppercase Print
    Mihai Grecea, Angelo Dos Santos, Michele Schillings for collective
    Tom Weber, Andreas Mühlschlegel and Lukás Moudrý for Acasă My Home

    Best Original Score:

    Bartosz Chajdecki for Love 2. America

    Flora Pop for Everything Will Not Be Fine / Totul nu va fi bine (Romania, Ukraine)
    Directed by Adrian Pârvu și Helena Maksyom
    Produced by Hi Film Productions
    Coproduced by microFILM, Tato Film

    Marius Leftărache and Matei Stratan for Legacy

    Best Art Direction:
    Andreea Popa for Legacy
    Irina Moscu for Uppercase Print
    Mihaela Poenaru for Love 2. America

    Best Costumes:
    Adina Bucur for 5 Minutes
    Dorin Negrău for Uppercase Print
    Iulia Popescu for Ivana the Terrible
    Mălina Ionescu for Legacy

    Best Makeup and Hair Styling:
    Bianca Boeroiu and Domnica Bodogan for Uppercase Print
    Dana Moldoveanu and Lidia Ivanov for Legacy
    Iulia Popescu and Dejana Petrucic for Ivana the Terrible
    Manuela Simionescu and Dana Roșeanu for 5 Minutes

    Best First Film:
    Acasă My Home by Radu Ciorniciuc
    Everything Will Not Be Fine by Adrian Pîrvu and Helena Maksyom
    Legacy by Dorian Boguță

    Best Long Documentary:

    Acasă My Home by Radu Ciorniciuc

    Wood / Lemn (Romania, Austria, Germany)
    Directed by Monica Lăzurean Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, Ebba Sinzinger
    Produced by 4 Proof Film
    Coproduced by WildArt Film, Film Tank
    Supported by the Romanian Film Centre (cnc.gov.ro), MEDIA – Creative EuropeEurimages, the Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund, ORF, Hamburg Film Fund, Medienboard Berlin

    Superhombre (Romania)
    Directed by Lucian Mircu, Mircea Gherase
    Produced by Mircea Gherase PFA

    Everything Will Not Be Fine by Adrian Pîrvu and Helena Maksyom

    Best Short Fiction Film:

    In Between / În noapte (Romania)
    Directed by Ana Pasti

    Kaimos (Romania)
    Directed by Sarra Tsorakidis

    Laila (Romania)
    Directed by Raya Al Souliman

    The Land that Never Sleeps / Ținutul care nu doarme niciodată (Romania)
    Directed by Andra Tarara, David Schwartz

    Best Short Animated Film:

    Candy Can (Romania)
    Directed by Anton Octavian

    Cradle / Cântec de leagăn (Romania)
    Directed by Paul Mureșan

    Death and the Knight / Moartea și cavalerul (Romania)
    Directed by Radu Gaciu

    Sașa and Petre / Sașa și Petre (Romania)
    Directed by Luca Istodor

    Best Short Documentary:

    Take Them into the Light / Apropieri (Romania)
    Directed by Ioana Grigore

    The Deer Passed in Front of Me / Cerbul a trecut prin fața mea (Romania)
    Directed by Vlad Petri

    Everything for Riana Totul pentru Riana (Romania)
    Directed by Mihai Gavril Dragolea

    We Come One by One and We Leave at One's Time / Venim pe rând și mergem pe sărite (Romania)
    Directed by Mihnea Toma

    Best Newcomer:
    Alma Buhagiar for directing the short film Together / Împreună
    Cătălin Rugină for the cinematography of short films Duty / Datoria and Deer Hunter / Vânătoarea de cerbi
    Gabor Bondi for his part in the short film In Between
    Patricia Chelaru for editing Ivana the Terrible
    Teona Galgoțiu for directing the short films Elephand Far Away / Elefant departe and I Look Back and It Disappears / Mă uit înapoi și dispare

    Best European Film:

    Il Traditore (Italy, France, Germany)
    Directed by Marco Bellocchio
    Distributed by Independența Film

    It Must Be Heaven (Qatar, Germania, Canada, Turcia, Palestinian territories)
    Directed by Elia Suleiman
    Distributed by Independența Film

    Les Misérables (France)
    Directed by Ladj Ly
    Distributed by Independența Film

    Sorry We Missed You (UK)
    Directed by Ken Loach
    Distributed by Independența Film