North American Sales for Bogdan George Apetri’s Miracle

    Miracle by Bogdan George Apetri Miracle by Bogdan George Apetri credit: The East Company Productions

    BUCHAREST: Bogdan George Apetri’s Romanian/Czech/Latvian coproduction Miracle / Miracol has been sold by Memento International to Film Movement in North America, to Arizona Distribution in France, to Weirdwave in Greece and in Portugal to Films4You.

    “Before our premiere, my expectations regarding the future sales of the film were all over the place. I thought of the ravages the pandemic caused and is still causing to the film distribution sector, and of the distributors who have their hands full of a tone of yet unreleased films, and I felt discouraged. But then I would think of our film, how it’s not your usual niche art house feature, but an entertaining, suspenseful film with high artistic value, and I hoped it could be one of the few lucky ones that would make it out there to the public. So I am glad and grateful for each sold territory and for each festival selection”, producer Oana Iancu told FNE.

    Oana Iancu produced the film together with Bogdan George Apetri through their new Romanian outlet The East Company Productions, in coproduction with Viktor Schwarcz and Aija Bērziņa through the Czech Cineart TV Prague and Latvia’s Tasse Film, respectively. Minodora Șerban is the executive producer. The Czech Film Fund supported the project.

    Miracle, which had its world premiere in the Orizzonti Competition of the 78th Venice Film Festival 2021, is part of a trilogy set in the director’s hometown of Piatra Neamț. The trilogy was launched by Unidentified, which was shot at the same time with Miracle and received the Special Jury Prize at the Warsaw Film Festival 2020. Unidentified was produced by Fantascope Films in coproduction with Cineart TV Prague and Tasse Film.

    In Romania Miracle will be released by Bold Films Studio on 4 February 2022.