Cinemas in Slovakia Allowed to Reopen on 17 May 2021

    Kino Lumière, Bratislava Kino Lumière, Bratislava credit: SITA

    BRATISLAVA: Cinemas in Slovak regions with a lower COVID-19 rate are allowed to reopen under specific conditions on 17 May 2021, but it is expected that cinema operators will open one or two weeks after that date

    „We expect the decisions from all our members, but probably no cinema will open on 17 May 2021. From the answers we have received so far, it is more likely that the cinemas will open in ​the last week of May or the first week of June 2021 “, Nataša Simonková from the Association of Cinema Operators told FNE.

    According to new measures announced by the government, the colour-coded framework called „COVID Automat“ will change every 14 days, following the rate of infections. Depending on the current situation, cinemas may open in 77 of 79 regions.

    In the first wave of the pandemic cinemas were closed from 10 March to 19 May 2020. The second wave brought restrictions in early October and cinemas were closed again on 15 October 2020. On 16 November it was possible to reopen cinemas with half of the capacity, but since the end of 2020 restrictions have not allowed people to go to the cinema.