Slovenia Reconsiders Film Funding Goals


    PLZEN: Slovenia is re-evaluating its funding priorities, in light of the rising importance of coproductions in the Balkan and CEE region.

    Speaking at a panel of film funds in Plzen, Nerina Kocjancic, the head of promotion and distribution at the Slovenian Film Centre, said that Slovenia is putting more money into minority coproduction funding and decreasing funding for majority productions. The Slovenian Film Centre has a budget of 4 M EUR, with 3.5 M going to majority productions and just 250,000 EUR marked for minority coproductions in the past. In the April 2018 grants round, the fund distributed 210,000 EUR to five minority coproductions.

    The demand for minority coproduction funds is high. The Slovenian Film Centre's call for minority coproduction grants has some 20 films applying in each round. Kocjancic noted that most of the productions are from ex-Yugoslav countries and from Italy, although there are some coproductions with other CEE territories as well. Viba Film Studio is also an important partner in coproductions, so doing some post-production work in Slovenia is one of the priorities in the grants decision process. Viba Film Studio committed to 270,000 EUR in-kind support for the five films awarded in the April grants round.

    Rebates are also helping to draw coproduction interest. Slovenia was the most recent CEE territory to introduce cash rebates, beginning in 2017 with 1 M EUR available.

    Kocjancic said that the Slovenian Film Centre hopes to raise its budget to 10 M EUR. Although that goal might seem ambitious, the budget was 8 M EUR four years ago. A sizeable increase would put it more in line with Baltic CEE territories of a similar size to Slovenia, that have recently announced intentions to increase funding for film production.