FNE at Cannes 2022: Slovenia’s Short Love in Plane Sight Wins Tik Tok Prize

    Love in Plane Sight by Matej Rimanić Love in Plane Sight by Matej Rimanić credit: Rimanić - TikTok

    CANNES: The Slovenian short film Love In Plane Sight by Slovenian art student Matej Rimanić, has won one of the two main prizes of the Tik Tok competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

    The short comedy by Rimanić, who is a student at the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts, tells the story of a future couple and their conversations from their balconies.

    Rimanić named his collaborators, Nik Kranjec director of photography, actress Eva Mlakar, sound designer Alen Fekonja and consultant Luka Jurinčič, as working with him to make the project a success.

    The Tik Tok section featured videos between 30 seconds and three minutes in length. It involved contributions from 44 countries and was viewed by 4.5 billion people worldwide.