MIDPOINT Heads to Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina


    PLZEN: MIDPOINT, the international script development programme, is moving into the Balkans with workshops scheduled to take place in Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Both the Feature Launch and the Rough Cut Atelier for feature films will hold their first 2017 workshop session in Macedonia on 10-16 June 2017. The second session of the workshop will take place in the Czech Republic on 15-21 October. MIDPOINT will give an award of 8,000 EUR for the best developed project at the end of the October workshop, a prize which is being given for the first time.

    In 2018, MIDPOINT will conclude its TV Launch workshop series in Sarajevo, at Cinelink, which is held during the Sarajevo Film Festival in August. The third and final workshop of the year-long series will present the HBO Europe Award of 4,000 EUR to the winning 30-minute or 60-minute TV series, mini-series or anthology project.

    MIDPOINT is accepting applications for the programmes through 26 May.