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Bulgaria’s NFC Signs First Partnership Agreement With Nu Boyana Featured


SOFIA: The Bulgarian National Film Center has initiated and signed the first agreement on cooperation on joint activities with the Sofia based Nu Boyana film studios to support the development and stimulate the production, distribution, display and promotion of Bulgarian films.

The agreement noted in particular that, starting from 13 June 2018 the Bulgarian NFC will act as a coordinator between Nu Boyana and Bulgarian producers that have received public support and wished to work with the studios. After reaching individual agreements with the producers Nu Boyana would get involved in the production, the distribution, display and promotion of their films. 

“At the moment Bulgarian cinema enjoys an exceptional creative revival. It is the ‘new wonder’ of European cinema. As a director of the NFC I wish to encourage this process and contribute to the creation of conditions favorable to our producers”, Jana Karaivanova, executive director of the Bulgarian NFC, told FNE.

“We have been discussing the cooperation possibilities between the National Film Center and Nu Boyana for quite a long time. We are supporting Bulgarian films anyway, but for the success of the Bulgarian cinema as a whole, it is certainly much better to work in coordination. Every day we accumulate knowledge and experience we are able to share. Therefore, we will work in a permanent and flexible partnership. There are many ways to do this,” Nu Boyana Film Studios CEO Yariv Lerner added.

The duration of the agreement is for one year and can be automatically renewed unless there is a pre-announced termination request.


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