PRODUCTION: Bulgarian Love.net ends shooting

By Pavlina Jeleva

    The first national IT romantic drama Love.net ended a three part shooting that took place between October 29, 2009 and March 29, 2010.

    Known as one of the three co-owners of Miramar Film (www.miramarfilm.com producer of Javor Gardev's Zift) and Bulgaria's "Producer on the Move" (Cannes 2009) Ilian Djevelekov is now directing his feature debut. Described as a "modern urban romance on love at first virtual glance," the €1million budget film with national co-producer Zoom Media (bgarstudion.com) was shot on location in Bulgaria and the UK.

    Before the completion of the script written by Neli Dimitrova, Matey Konstantinov, Ilian Djevelekov, bringing together several parallel stories of people trying to change their lives via the internet, a huge website campaign was launched. The creative crew received over 7000 personal stories, shared by active IT users. The script was structured around a surgeon and his wife; a Sofia university professor and a Scottish engineer; an editor of a popular men's magazine, his brother and a prostitute; and a divorced businesswoman and her 13 year old daughter.

    "The multifaceted 'clashes' of characters that fall in and out of love reveal a unique opportunity of modern times - to meet someone, to communicate and to finally link your life with someone you have never actually met. But the film is also a subtle reminder that love continues to be as mystic and fleeting as it used to be in the times of the cavemen," Djevelekov said.

    The main stars are rock and roll musician John Lawton, Hristo Shopov (The Passion of the Christ) Zahari Baharov (Zift), Koina Rousseva, Diana Dobreva and model Diliana Popova. Bulgarian pop singer Yordanka Hristova, about whom Djevelekov made his latest documentary Cuba is Music,is also part or the prestigious cast.

    The film is the most anticipated Bulgarian film on the fall release schedule.

    Production credits

    Script - Neli Dimitrova, Matey Konstantinov, Ilian Djevelekov

    Director - Ilian Djevelekov

    Director of Photography - Emil Christov

    Art Director - Georgi Dimitrov

    Costumes - Sylvia Vladimirova, Kristina Tomova

    Sound - Pierre-Yves Lavoue

    Editing - Alexandra Fuchanska

    Producers: Matey Konstantinov, Ilian Djevelekov, Georgi Dimitrov, Petko Manchev


    Filip Bogatev - Hristo Shopov

    Andrey Bogatev - Zahari Baharov

    Mila Bogateva - Lilia Maraviglia

    Еmilia - Koyna Ruseva

    Yoana - Diana Dobreva

    Niki - Diliana Popova

    John Johnson - John Lawton

    Dora - Yordanka Hristova

    The Chief - Vladimir Penev

    Devora - Lora Cheshmedjieva

    Toni Bogatev - Teo Avramov

    Production companies

    Miramar Film

    40 Evlogi Georgiev blvd., app. 1-1

    Sofia 1124, Bulgaria

    Tel: +359 2 9463514

    Fax: +359 2 9447268

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    Zoom Media

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