PRODUCTION: Mediterranean Breviary in Development

By Iulia Blaga
    PRODUCTION: Mediterranean Breviary in Development Filip Šovagović

    ZAGREB: Director/producer/playwriter and actor Filip Sovagovic who played one of the main characters in Danis Tanovic's No Man's Land is developing a cinematic adaptation of the Predrag Matvejevic bestseller Mediterranean Breviary: A Cultural Landscape, translated in 27 languages.

    The film will be a docu-comedy series consisting of eight episodes with the first episode running 45 minutes. Šovagović plans to contact institutions and production companies from all 23 Mediterranean countries in order to involve them in his project.

    Šovagović is producing through his company Zona Sova (www.zonasova.hr). He told FNE that the budget should not exceed 1 m EUR, but it is not set yet. "It's suicidal, but we are courageous," he said. The inspiration for the film was the first line of the book: "Probably nobody sailed along the Mediterranean coast and probably nobody ever will."

    Šovagović has already cut a deal with a Croatian boat company and has a DOP - Mirko Pivčević. When asked about when he plans to have the series finished he said, "I think we need five years to finish it."

    Šovagović is also coproducing Hotel Drina by the Dutch-based Bosnian director Šahin Šišić. The film is an adaptation of the play In Zvornik, I Left My Heart by writer, scriptwriter and poet Abdulah
    Sidran (Do You Remember Dolly Bell?, When Father Was Away on Business), and is a coproduction between Anila Gajevic through Zona (www.zonatalents.ba), Šahin Šišić through K.F. Art Family (www.kf-artfamily.com), and Filip Šovagovic through Zona Sova (www.zonasova.hr). Negotiations with a Turkish coproducer are underway. The shooting of the 4 m EUR project is set for 2014.

    Both projects participated in the pitching session of the second edition of the Golden Carpathian (www.goldencarpathian.com) forum in Bucharest.

    Production Information
    Zona sova d.o.o.
    Mesnička 22, Zagreb
    Phone: +385 99 422 22 40
           +385 99 925 79 393
           +385 91 560 37 47
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    Director: Filip Sovagović
    DOP: Mirko Pivčević
    Editor: Daphne Jemeršić

    credit photo:  http://metro-portal.hr