Croatian Audiovisual Stakeholders Express Concern Over Single Digital Market Strategy


    ZAGREB: Representatives from throughout the Croatian audiovisual industry have expressed their concern over the lack of clarity in the "Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe", published by the European Commission on 6 May 2015 and over its impact on the Croatian Audiovisual Sector.

    Representatives of professional associations, public and commercial broadcasters, distributors, exhibitors and telecoms as well as delegates from the Ministry of Culture Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the State Institute for Intellectual Property, the Croatian Performers’ Rights Collecting Society (HUZIP) and the Croatian Composers’ Association’s Copyright Protection Office (HDS ZAMP) have issued a joint statement, summarising the positions of the stakeholders in the Croatian audiovisual sector and, demanding an impact assessment study of the proposed changes. The statement was sent to the Croatian government as well as to individual members of Parliament.

    The Croatian Audiovisual Centre which organised a meeting of the stakeholders on 2 June 2015 said in a press release: "It was repeatedly stressed by all that there should be, in forthcoming months, more clarity from the EC in terms of how these goals are to be achieved in practical terms and that any legislative measure proposed with the aim to bring benefits to all Europe’s citizens should be detrimental to the European creative community’s right to proper remuneration or undermine the sustainability of the existing European audiovisual complex and fragile financing model based on the multi-territorial licensing principle".

    The European Commission claims that a Digital Single Market could contribute 415 billion EUR per year to Europe's economy, create jobs and transform public services. The plan includes 16 initiatives across issues like copyright, e-commerce, free flow of data and value-added taxes.

    The EC will take up the topic of the Single Digital Market at its 25-26 June 2015 meeting.

    You can read the Croatian Audiovisual Centre's Press Release HERE.