PRODUCTION: Goran Kulenović Shoots The Death of the Little Match Girl

    Director Goran Kulenović Director Goran Kulenović credit: Crno bijeli svijet / HTV

    ZAGREB: Goran Kulenović has started filming his feature film The Death of the Little Match Girl on the Croatian island of Rab, after a year of COVID-related delays. The adaptation comes 18 years after the publication of the multi-awarded novel of the same name, written by award-winning Croatian novelist Zoran Ferić.

    The mix of a thriller and a generation drama follows a pathologist who gets involved in the investigation of a mysterious murder of a Romanian prostitute on a peaceful Croatian island.

    “The novel is considered a Croatian version of Twin Peaks, but I didn’t want to insist on the weird aspect of it. I wanted to make a crime story with all the dramas and situations that matter. Ferić immediately agreed to this so we reduced these bizarre aspects to a much lesser extent than is the case in the book. Some actors told me that they could not let go of the script because they were interested in who the killer was”, Kulenović said.

    The estimated production budget is 1m EUR / 7.5m HRK. The Croatian Audiovisual Centre gave a production grant of 512,500 EUR / 3.8m HRK. The Film Centre of Montenegro allocated 45,000 EUR for the production, and the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Canton Sarajevo awarded 10,200 EUR / 20,000 KM to the project. The producers also managed to secure funding from Croatian Television. The release is expected in 2022.

    Production Information:

    Antun Bahat and Ivor Hadžiabdić
    Livada Produkcija (Croatia)
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    Mirsad Purivatra
    Production Sarajevo 2006 (Bih)
    Dušan Kovačević
    Natenane Productions (Montenegro)

    Director: Goran Kulenović
    Scriptwriters: Zoran Ferić, Goran Kulenović
    DoP: Mirko Pivčević
    Cast: Ozren Grabarić, Jelena Lopatić, Goran Navojec, Slavko Sobin, Nikša Butijer, Slavko Juraga, Iva Babić, Borko Perić, Elma Juković