Silver Eye docu nominees' work streamed free


    PRAGUE: In conjunction with the One World docu fest, the work of documentarians who are in the running for the Silver Eye award is being hosted online gratis 3-9 March by DAFilms.com.

    Viewers can access a selection of the most remarkable films in the running for the award, which is aimed at drawing the attention of industry professionals to promising new projects from the region. Docus are chosen in the hope they will find sales agents, broadcasters and festival releases.

    Each of the main categories (short, mid-length and feature) has 11 films nominated from the East Silver Market and winners are chosen by industry professionals. The winner in each category takes home both a trophy and 1,500 EUR in prize money plus one year of festival service from the East Silver Caravan.

    Online audiences can also follow the latest documentary trends in the Central and Eastern Europe region and catch four docus (Jakarta Disorder, Iceland Year Zero, A Letter to Dad and Previous Scenes) nominated for the international award on the East Silver distribution platform in 2012 and 2013. The films stream from DAFilms.com.