PRODUCTION: Estonia Coproduces The Man Who Surprised Everyone


    TALLINN: Estonia’s Homeless Bob Production is coproducing the Russian/Estonian/French film The Man Who Surprised Everyone from directors Natalya Merkuloa and Alexey Chupov.

    The film is set in a remote Siberian village, where a Russian man assumes the identity of a woman because of a superstitious belief that he can overcome terminal cancer by cheating death.

    The 1 m EUR film already has 600,000 EUR in place, with 40,000 EUR in support coming from the Estonian Film Institute. The producers will be using an Estonian DoP for the film, which requires a four-season shoot. It is the second feature for the husband and wife directing team.

    The film had its first pitching session at Transilvania Pitch Stop, where it was seeking further coproduction partners, post-production partners and sales agents. France’s Arizona production and Arizona distribution are already on board. The lead producer is Russia’s Pan Atlantic Studio.

    Production Information:

    Homeless Bob Production
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    Directors: Natalya Merkulova, Alexey Chupov
    Writer: Alexey Chupov