FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2023: Excavators

    Excavators by Argyro Nicolaou Excavators by Argyro Nicolaou source: coco 2023

    COTTBUS: MIDPOINT CoCo Award winner Excavators was presented at the 25th anniversary edition of connecting cottbus held 8 – 10 November 2023. The Cypriot/American coproduction is a drama/mystery written and directed by Argyro Nicolaou.

    Klio is visiting Cyprus when the remains of her grandmother, missing since the 1974 invasion, are unexpectedly exhumed. Klio goes on a search to discover what happened to her grandmother. She finds that the grandmother was an extra in a Hollywood film, and while watching the film, she sees her grandmother’s attention drawn to something or someone off the set, her expression turning to panic. She comes to believe that her grandmother was wrongfully targeted as a traitor. The script penned by Argyro Nicolaou is in the finalising stage.

    Caretta Film (Cyprus) and Cyprian Films, New York (USA) are producing. Constantinos Nikiforou and Minos Papas are the producers.

    The film has a budget of 835,000 EUR, with 75,000 EUR already received from the Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee as a script development grant.

    The producers are seeking Balkan coproducers, sales agents, distributors and investors.

    Production Information:

    Caretta Film (Cyprus)
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    Cyprian Films, New York (USA)

    Director: Argyro Nicolaou
    Scriptwriter: Argyro Nicolaou