FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2023: La Manche

    La Manche by Damian Kocur La Manche by Damian Kocur source: coco 2023

    COTTBUS: Polish director Damian Kocur presented his sophomore film project La Manche at the 25th anniversary edition of connecting cottbus. La Manche is produced by Kijora Film.

    Tomasz lives in a Polish village near the border with Belarus. When he illegally participates in a hunt, he discovers he has mistakenly shot a refugee who is trying to get to his family in England. He takes the injured man to his empty home and begins to form a bond with the refugee, Seyyed. His attempt to smuggle Seyyed across the German border is thwarted. When Seyyed begins blackmailing Tomasz, and as the pressure on him increases, Tomasz shoots Seyyed in his sleep and burns his body, before his vacationing family returns home and as a village celebration begins.

    The director plans to work with non-professional actors on this film. Shooting is planned for the end of 2024.

    Kijora Film producers Anna Gawlita and Marta Szymanowska told FNE they envisioned the film as a Polish/German coproduction. The production is looking for sales agents, broadcasters and distributors, and is also seeking NGOs and foundations with an interest in the issue of migration.

    The 700,000 EUR film has 65,000 EUR funding in place, through Creative Europe MEDIA slate funding.

    Kocur received the Special Pitch Award from Filmfestival Cottbus for his award-winning 2022 debut film Bread and Salt, produced by Munk Studio.

    Bread and Salt premiered in the Venice Orrizonti, winning the Special Jury Prize and going on to win more international and national awards.

    Production Information:

    Kijora Film (Poland)
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    Director: Damian Kocur
    Writer: Damian Kocur