FESTIVALS: Haapsalu Fest Donates Online Proceeds to Corona Relief

    Virtual genre industry panel Fight or Fright Virtual genre industry panel Fight or Fright photo: Ursula Nõu

    TALLINN: The virtual edition of the 15th Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival recorded a virtual attendance of around 10,000 and announced it was donating most of its ticket sale revenue – around 5000 euros – to a food bank, for Coronavirus relief.

    The festival, which ran 8-10 May 2020, hosted over 10 virtual Q&A’s and the virtual industry panel Fright of Fright: Opportunities for the Genre Industry, which were shot in two studios and streamed on the Elisa Stage platform and in social media channels. Altogether the events drew 8570 views, 4900 of which were attracted by the industry panel.
    Helmut Jänes, the head of HÕFF commented: „Taking into account how much emotional fatigue people have experienced from the lockdown, added to the fact that we had a sunny weekend, we can say that we are very pleased with the results.” “We learned many invaluable lessons on the organisation of virtual events, several of which will come useful when organising the Black Nights Film Festival,“ he added.