Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2021 Announces Selected Projects


    TALLINN: New projects by George Ovashvili, Tereza Nvotova, Karolis Kaupinis and Konstantin Bojanov are in the official selection of the Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2021, which will be held on 24-25 November 2021.

    As Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event's focus country in 2021 is the United Kingdom, the UK is represented by two projects.

    The Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event is the one-week summit for film and audiovisual industry professionals held during PÖFF on 19-26 November 2021. This year’s summit, celebrating its 20th anniversary, takes place in Tallinn but is also mostly accessible online via industry.poff.ee.

    Baltic Event Co-Production Market 2021 Selection:

    Fake News (Lithuania)
    Directed by Karolis Kaupinis
    Produced by M-Films

    The Father (Slovakia)
    Directed by Tereza Nvotova
    Produced by Danae Production

    Father Figure (Slovenia)
    Directed by Nejc Gazvoda
    Produced by Perfo

    Gambit (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Konstantin Bojanov
    Produced by Contrast Films

    Hysterias (Latvia)
    Directed by Ieva Norvele, Adriana Roze, Liene Linde, Alise Zariņa, Marta Elīna Martinsone
    Produced by Tasse Film

    Lex Julia (Finland)
    Directed by Laura Hyppönen
    Produced by Greenlit Productions

    Lioness (Estonia)
    Directed by Liina Triškina-Vanhatalo
    Produced by Allfilm

    The Moon Is a Father of Mine (Georgia)
    Directed by George Ovashvili
    Produced by Wagonnet Films

    The Odalisques (Germany)
    Directed by Ann-Kristin Reyels
    Produced by unafilm

    Our Erika (Estonia)
    Directed by German Golub
    Produced by Filmivabrik

    Our Memory (Chile)
    Directed by Matias Rojas Valencia
    Produced by A Simple Vista

    Two Times One (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Vladimir Petev
    Produced by Portokal

    You Can Dance (Sweden)
    Directed by Katarina Launing
    Produced by HOBAB

    Yurki (Russia)
    Directed by Vlada Senkova
    Produced by DOKA

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