Estonian Cultural Sector Asks for Recovery Package

    Cinema Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema Coca-Cola Plaza credit: Forum Cinemas, Andres Raudjalg

    TALLINN: Estonian film professionals as well as theatre, music, museum and art professionals are asking the authorities to include a 20 m EUR recovery package in the supplementary budget for 2022. The funding is aimed at compensating for the losses incurred since the autumn of 2021.

    "The operating restrictions and uncompensated losses of the last six months have created a financial shortfall that severely undermines our ability to support, encourage and unite both our own people and the war refugees in need of support," KNOPKA, a joint initiative of the Estonian film, theatre, music, museum and arts community, says in a letter to the government quoted by the Baltic Times.

    Estimates show that the cultural and creative sector lost around 115 m EUR in 2021 due to COVID-19 related restrictions. For cinemas and concert halls the reduction in their turnover in 2021 was even greater than in 2020.