PRODUCTION: Georgian Director Ekaterine Chelidze Preps No More

    No More by Ekaterine (Keko) Chelidze No More by Ekaterine (Keko) Chelidze

    TBILISI: Georgian director Ekaterine (Keko) Chelidze is currently in pre-production with her first feature fiction film No More. The shooting is planned for the spring of 2021. The project was first presented internationally at the Budapest Debut Film Forum in September 2020.

    Lexo is a musician who has recently moved to Tbilisi from his village, after finding out that he is terminally ill. He is renting a small apartment and is busking as a street musician, saving money for a trip to Russia, where he hopes to find his father whom he never met. Lexo is good at hiding his illness and tries to confront the unexpected events in his life. He falls in love with a documentary filmmaker who is making a film about him, while his best friend finds a way to participate in a Canadian music festival and wants Lexo to join him. Lexo has little time left so he has to choose between his love interest, finding his father or doing what he loves best, playing in a band with his best friend. 

    "No More was born spontaneously during the shootings of a documentary about the two friends Lexo and Bulia. At first, these frivolous and foul-mouthed musicians reminded me of MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head, but it was in this unscripted process when I saw something remarkable; Even though Bulia and Lexo both have families, friends and seem to go through life with ease, they are very lonely as their friendship is based on the escape from reality. Once we grasped this with my co-writer Kote Kalandadze, we decided to write a fiction film script about their friendship and the characters’ parallel, personal dramas, and through them, a society which breeds confused, poorly raised and reckless men. Music is the key element which informs the structure of the film, which is not about going somewhere, but rather existing in the moment. We have access to a wide variety of Georgian independent music, which is a form of social commentary in the film", Keko Chelidze told FNE.

    The film is produced by Kote Kalandadze and Elene Margvelashvili through the Georgian company Parachute Films. The project received a production grant of 52,700 EUR / 149,707 GEL from the Georgian National Film Center in 2019. It is also supported by Parachute Films with 35,000 EUR in full technical support and the investment of the authors. The technical collaborator is also Terra Incognita Films with 35,000 EUR. The total budget is 266,700 EUR.

    The film is in the financing stage, with the main cast and key locations confirmed. Shootings are planned for the spring of 2021. The production team is seeking a coproducing partner and a sales agent.

    The director’s debut feature documentary film Dead Souls’ Vacation premiered at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2020 and recently premiered nationally at the CineDOC Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival.

    Production Information:
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    Director: Keko Chelidze
    Screenwriters: Keko Chelidze, Kote Kalandadze
    Producers: Kote Kalandadze, Elene Margvelashvili
    Director of Photography: Dito Dekanosidze
    Cast: Alex Kovziridze, Nikoloz Buzaladze