FNE Podcast: Visegrad YR 2021: Gábor Osváth: Producer Hungary


    FNE’s Georgian correspondent Alexander Gabelia spoke to Gábor Osváth, emerging producer from Hungary, about the challenges he has faced as a producer during the pandemic, as well as about the post-pandemic recovery of the Hungarian film industry, love of romantic comedies, and the importance of international coproductions. Gábor is known for his work on Balaton Method (2015), Captives (2019) and Nagykarácsony (2021).

    Click HERE to listen to the podcast.

    The 2021 Year of Recovery for Film in Visegrad Countries (YR2021) project brings together filmmakers and cultural professionals across the V4 to cooperate in the recovery of the film industry, which has been badly damaged by the COVID pandemic, and to reconnect with cinema audiences across the region and across borders. We want to share the lessons learned about reaching audiences online and the advantages of hybrid events in creating new connections across the Visegrad region.