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Production: Jancsó in post-production with So Much for Justice

Dávid Dercsényi 2009-08-30

Hungarian director Miklós Jancsó has finished a four-week shoot on the Hungary/Poland/Austria co-production Oda az igazság! (So Much for Justice!) and is now in post-production.

The premise is about getting and keeping the power, set against the historic background is the 15th century reign of King Matthias, Hungary's most flourishing period. In several sequences in the movie, the actors play multiple roles. The young Matthias is played by Jákob Ladányi, the grandson of the director, the old king is played by frequent Jancso actor László Gálffi. Jancso's directing colleagues Kornél Mundruzó Simon Szabó also appear in the film. Other roles are played by György Cserhalmi, Polish actor Olbrychski Daniel, Gábor Nagypál, and Zoltán Mucsi.

Jancso once again relies on his long-time crew. His son Nyika Jancsó is the director of photography, the production designer is Tamás Banovich, and the editor is Zsuzsa Csákány. Co-producers are József Berger of Mythberg Films, Hungary (www.mythbergfilms.hu ), Dieter Pochlatko of EPO Film, Austria (www.epofilm.com ), and Marianna Rowinska of Ozumi Films, Poland (www.ozumifilms.com ). Filming locations included Rappottenstein (Austria), Visegrád and Tahitótfalu (Hungary).

The budget is EUR 2 million. The Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary (www.mmka.hu) supported the film HUF 137 million (EUR 50, 000). Delivery date is 2010.

Contact information:

Mythberg Films http://www.mythbergfilms.hu/

1021. Budapest,

Budakeszi út 51.

Telephone: (+36 1) 413-7236

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lajos Balázsovics,

György Cserhalmi,

László Gálffi,

Daniel Olbrychski,

Balázs Galkó,

Zoltán Mucsi,

Péter Scherer

Jákob Ladányi


Producers: József Berger (Mythberg Films, Hungary),

Dieter Pochlatko (EPO Film, Austria),

Marianna Rowinska (Ozumi Films, Poland)

Associate Producer: Endre Flórián

Script : Miklós Jancsó

Director: Miklós Jancsó

Co-director: István Márton

Production design: Tamás Banovich

DoP.: Nyika Jancsó



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