FNE at Hungarian Film Week: The Bunkerman (A bunkerember)

By Dávid Dercsényi

The Bunkerman, The seventh feature of documentary filmmaker Dezső Zsigmod is based on a true story.

The film is set in the 1980's and features a man obsessed with building a bomb shelter in a village in Hungary. Thematically, the film represents the grotesque life of the country side in Hungary through the character of a man obsessed by his fear of nuclear war. The atmosphere of The Bunkerman is reminiscent of the films of Czech directors Jiri Menzel and Milos Forman.

Shooting on the low budget film lasted for only 18 days The MMKA (www.mmka.hu) and Hungarian public TV channel MTV (www.mtv.hu) supported the film. The production company is K.K. TV Média.

{mosimage}Director: Dezső Zsigmond

Script: Pál Laska, Géza Balogh

DOP: Gábor Ágoston

Editor: Gabriella Koncz

Producer: Gergely Fodor

Production company: K.K. TV Média

Cast: Zsolt Trill, Szűcs Nelli, István Szilágyi, Éva Botos

Mari Nagy, György Hunyadkürti, Lajos Kovács

Duration 80 mins

{mosimage}Production information:

K.K. TV Média
Gergely Fodor