PRODUCTION: Donatas Ulvydas in Postproduction with Doc About Lithuanian President

    The State Secret by Donatas Ulvydas The State Secret by Donatas Ulvydas

    VILNIUS: The acclaimed Lithuanian director Donatas Ulvydas is currently in postproduction with the documentary The State Secret / Valstybės paslaptis on the Lithuanian president Dalia Gybauskaitė. The premiere of this independent film is set for 12 April 2019.

    The State Secret is based on archive material and interviews with the president and representatives of her closest circle. Political details and events from 2009 to 2019 will be revealed as well.

    „Hundreds of hours of footage and archive material didn‘t fit into a 90-minute film. It seemed like every moment, every emotion, every story and every fact has a big value. How to reveal a world famous leader and at the same time a very important period for our country? Many times I thought that I'd embarked on an impossible mission“, said Donatas Ulvydas.

    Ulvydas is also producing. The film was supported by private sponsors and the budget has not been revealed.

    Donatas Ulvydas is best known for the historical adventure drama Tadas Blinda. The Beginning (produced by Tauras Films), which became the most profitable Lithuanian film in the national box office in 2011, and also for the feature film Emilia / Emilija iš Laisvės alėjos (produced by Fralita Films in cooperation with Ulvyds), which was released in 2017.

    Production Information:

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    Director: Donatas Ulvydas
    With: Dalia Gybauskaitė