BOX OFFICE: Admissions and Box Office Increased in Lithuania in 2022

    The Generation of Evil by Emilis Vėlyvis The Generation of Evil by Emilis Vėlyvis credit: Kino kultas

    VILNIUS: General admissions have soared from 1,337,598 in 2021 to 2,993,864 in 2022, and the total gross rose from 7,754,385 EUR in 2021 to 18,103,404 EUR in 2022, according to the Lithuanian Film Centre (LKC).

    Domestic films had 559,695 admissions and 3,586,450 EUR gross in 2022. This is still below the 2019 figures: 726,834 admissions and 4,119,068 EUR gross.

    The most watched Lithuanian film in 2022 was the dark criminal drama The Generation of Evil / Piktųjų karta directed by Emilis Vėlyvis. The film produced and released by Kino kultas on 14 October 2022 is ranked 3rd in the Top Ten with 141,651 admissions and 988,255 EUR gross.

    Two other most watched domestic films in 2022 were the comedy Man for Money / Vyras už pinigus directed by Justinas Krisiūnas, and produced and distributed by Dublis LT, which ranked 5th with 82,080 admissions and 584,644 EUR gross, and the comedy What Men Don’t Know / Ko nežino vyrai directed by Robertas Kuliūnas, and produced and released by Acme Film, which  ranked 6th with 75,224 admissions and 518,608 EUR gross.