Maltese Cinemas Set to Reopen on 7 June 2021


    VALLETTA: Cinemas across the Maltese islands are set to reopen on 7 June 2021, following a nearly four-month closure imposed earlier this year as part of a wider spate of restrictions aiming to get Coronavirus numbers under control.

    The government has announced the relaxation of measures as infection rates in Malta and Gozo plummeted. This has been partly attributed to a successful vaccination rollout, which is currently in full swing. Over 147,600 people, out of a population of half a million, are now fully-vaccinated against COVID-19, with inoculation open to anyone over 16, as of 17 May 2021.

    When cinemas reopen on the 7 June 2021, they will, however, still need to abide by stringent regulations: social distancing measures will still be in place, with the theatres only allowed to fill 30 percent of their capacity. Mask-wearing will remain obligatory.

    This was the second time Maltese theatres were shuttered as a result of the pandemic: in March 2020 entertainment venues were closed until June 2020, as a state of public health emergency was announced following the confirmation of the first few Coronavirus cases.