FNE at Malta Film Week 2022: The Boat Wins Top Prize for Best Maltese Film

    FNE at Malta Film Week 2022: The Boat Wins Top Prize for Best Maltese Film credit: Malta Film Awards

    VALLETTA: The Malta Film Commission (MFC) put on a world class show on 29 January 2022 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta to showcase Maltese talent and the determination to build a world class local film industry in Malta.

    David Walliams hosting Malta Film AwardsA week long programme of conferences, panel discussions and master classes (24-28 January 2022) with big name directors like Roland Joffe culminated in the Malta Film Awards gala night, which saw the top prize awarded to The Boat, a Malta/UK coproduction directed by Winston Azzopardi, which also won the award for Best Cinematography.

    The gala awards ceremony was a dazzling two hour showcase of Maltese talent with music and special effects that were truly breath-taking. Awards were handed out to Maltese films and TV series in 18 categories. The show was hosted by UK celebrity David Walliams and featured video greetings from stars like Russell Crowe, who shot Gladiator in Malta. Crowe received the Malta Film Industry Honourary Award from Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech, who was the driving force behind the awards.

    During the week-long Malta Film Week Commissioner Grech spoke about the 35m EUR government investment in the Malta Film Studios, known mainly for its water tanks and its ancient fortresses that formed the backdrop for films like Gladiator and Troy. The investment, that is already underway, will go to building three soundstages as well as production offices and other amenities at the studios.

    The film week and awards ceremony showcased Maltese talent both on stage and in Maltese films. The commissioner hopes the awards will become an annual event that will kickstart Maltese film production and attract more investment to the local industry.

    Prize Winners:

    Best Film:
    The Boat (Malta, UK)
    Directed by Winston Azzopardi
    Written by Joe Azzopardi, Winston Azzopardi
    Produced by Latina Pictures (Malta), Hurricane Films (UK)

    Best Short Film:
    The Maltese Fighter
    Directed by Joshua Cassar Gaspar

    Best TV Series:
    Directed by Justin Farrugia and Steven Dalli

    Best Documentary:
    Pass Pass għal Auschwitz
    credit: Malta Film AwardsDirected by Jonathan Farrugia

    Best Director:
    Davide Ferrario for Blood on the Crown

    Best Post-Production:
    Aaron Briffa, Claudio Cormio, Nikita Argunov, Pedja Miletic and Vito Martinelli for Blood on the Crown

    Best Cinematography:
    Marek Traskowski for The Boat

    Best Classic Film:
    Directed by Alan Fenech and Tony Parnis

    Best Classic TV Series:
    Directed by Frida Cauchi and Hermann Bonaci

    Best Costume Design:
    Audrey Brincat Dalli and Angelle Farrugia for L-Għarusa

    Best Hair and Makeup Design:
    Christian Kotey and Jannie Stax for Blood on the Crown

    Best Male Actor in a Leading Role:
    Harvey Keitel for Blood on the Crown

    Best Female Actor in a Leading Role:
    Louise Doneo for Hemm Dar il-Qala

    Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role:
    Narcy Calamatta for Ħabbilni ħa nirbaħ

    Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role:
    Sarah Camilleri for L-iSpettur

    Best Production Design:
    Mela Melak for Blood on the Crown

    Best Screenplay:
    Jean Pierre Magro for Blood on the Crown

    Best Musical Score:
    Alexey Shor and Laurent Eyquem for Blood on the Crown

    Lifetime Achievement Award:
    Mario Philip Azzopardi

    Crew Recognition Award:
    Ino Bonello

    Malta Film Commissioner’s Award:
    Colin Trevorrow

    The Malta Film Ambassador Award:
    Sir Ridley Scott

    Malta Film Industry Honourary Award:
    Russell Crowe

    Best Film Location Award:
    Fort Ricasoli – Kalkara