Montenegro Joins Eurimages and Film New Europe Association


    PODGORICA: Film Centre of Montenegro joined two important European film industry institutions in 2018, marking the country’s growing integration into the European film community.

    On 1 January 2019 Montenegro became a member of Eurimages. Montenegro Film Centre is also a member of  European Film Promotion and in 2018 it became the newest member of the Film New Europe Association

    “We welcome Montenegro to the Film New Europe Association with its dynamically developing young film industry, and we look forward to supporting their development on the FNE platform,” said Anna Franklin general director of FNE.

    The FNE Association is the primary body representing film institutions in the Central and Eastern European region and counts the heads of these institutions as its members.

    Montenegro is represented on the FNE Association by Sehad Čekić, the managing director of the Film Centre of Montenegro.

    The FNE Association board is made up of the heads of the most important film institutions in the region, who work together to achieve higher visibility of films from the region and to reach a pan-European audience. Members of FNE Association

    The web portal Film New Europe with its FNE Daily newswire is one of the main tools for accomplishing the network’s objectives of sharing know-how, visibility of films from the region and cultural diversity.

    The Film Centre of Montenegro is a public institution, established in 2017, with the purpose of promoting and developing the Montenegrin cinematography. Among others, the Film Centre is committed to providing conditions for the establishment of the film production and coproduction cooperation, creating conditions for the promotion, presentation and integration of contemporary film creativity into the regional and international flows, and creating favourable conditions for increasing the number and scope of foreign filmmaking in Montenegro.