Polish Film Festival Restores Position of Artistic Director


    GDYNIA: The position of Artistic Director of the Gdynia PFF has been restored after a controversy over the organisation of the event at the end of last year’s edition. The new artistic director has not been appointed yet. The new director will be entrusted with the main role when choosing competition films. New rules for the event come into force in March 2020.

    The new Artistic Director will be selected by the Contest Committee, whose members will be selected from the previous winners of Golden and Silver Lions. The announcement of the name of the new Artistic Director is expected by mid-May 2020.

    This year, the Polish Film Festival will experience major changes. They are included in the new regulations of the event, which have just been approved and announced by the Organising Committee, after extensive environmental consultations.

    The new regulations restore the function of festival's artistic director and give them important competences in the selection of films for the Main Competition from among the submitted proposals. It will contain a maximum of 16 titles, out of which 12 will be chosen by the director. The Organising Committee may add several titles to this pool, but no more than four. The artistic director will also choose titles for the Short Film Competition. The artistic director's decisions regarding the titles will be final. 

    “Point by point, very carefully, we analysed the comments and suggestions of the film environment. The postulate that was raised most often was to restore the function of the festival's artistic director, personally responsible for what films will go into the Main Competition. We want the basic criteria for selection of competition films to be their artistic value and professionalism of implementation. The regulations say it directly and legibly determine the selection mode”. Says Festival Director Leszek Kopeć.

    This year's Polish Film Festival will take place from 14 to 19 September.